Python on hardware made easy. Code + Community = CircuitPython
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About CircuitPython

Learn more about what CircuitPython has to offer.


Python on hardware

CircuitPython is made to simplify experimenting and learning to code on low-cost microcontroller boards.


Supported by a range of microcontrollers

CircuitPython is supported by a wide range of microcontrollers like the Circuit Playground Express, ESP32 and more!


Beginner Friendly

CircuitPython is designed with education in mind. It's easy to start learning how to code and you get immediate feedback from the board.


Strong I/O support

Program motors, LEDs, or other electrical components with is a breeze with CircuitPythons IO libraries!


Quick and easy to get started

Create your code, download the Python file, drag it onto the microcontroller and away you go. It's really that simple!



Code + Community = CircuitPython. The community is at the heart of CircuitPython with support and a wide range of resources.

Getting started with CircuitPython (Official guide coming soon)

Read Adafruit's (our official one is coming soon) getting started guide to learn more about how to get setup and coding with CircuitPython.


Here are some resources to get you started with EduBlocks and CircuitPython

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Blinky LED

A "Hello World" program for CircuitPython. Learn how to blink an onboard LED with CircuitPython.

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Control Neopixels

Take control of the RGB LEDs, called Neopixels, on the CircuitPlayground express and turn them any colour you want.

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Drum Machine

Use Capacitive touch to create an interactive drum machine with EduBlocks and CircuitPython..