Raspberry Pi

The credit card sized programmable computer
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About the Raspberry Pi

Learn more about what the Raspberry Pi has to offer.


Credit Card sized

The Raspberry Pi is a full computer that is the size of a credit card. It was designed for computer education.


Powered by Linux

The Raspberry Pi runs an operation system called Raspbian which is powered by Linux.



Program motors, LEDs, or other electrical components with the GPIO, or connect extra sensors to control your code!


Fully Programmable.

With a simple download to install EduBlocks, you can program Minecraft, music and more!

Install EduBlocks Connect for the Raspberry Pi

Step 1. Make sure your Raspberry Pi is setup and connected to the internet.

Step 2. Open up a Terminal window, this can be done by clicking on this icon in the top left hand corner of the Pi's screen.

Step 3. Type this command to intall EduBlocks:

curl -sSL get.edublocks.org | bash

EduBlocks will now be installed under the Raspberry Pi Menu > Programming. Once you've launched it, go to app.edublocks.org and select Raspberry Pi.


Here are some resources to get you started with EduBlocks and the Raspberry Pi

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Traffic Lights

Use EduBlocks and a Raspberry Pi to code and control LEDs to simulate traffic lights.

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Hide a diamond, find a diamond.

Harness the power of Minectaft and EduBlocks to code your own hide an seek game in Minectaft.

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Create a drum beat

Code your own cool drum beat with Sonic Pi, the live coding platform and EduBlocks.