Blocks to Text made easy

EduBlocks is a free tool by Anaconda that helps anyone learn how to code with text-based languages like Python or HTML using a familiar drag-and-drop blocks system

Learn the Syntax

Each block represents a line of code

It's easier than ever to make the connection between blocks and code with each block representing one line. The text editor also updates with every block that is dragged into the workspace in realtime.

Create a Project



Easily keep track of and grade your students' work

Create block-based and text-based assignments for your students, keep track of their progress, and grade their work with Classrooms, built right into the EduBlocks editor, making it quick and easy to use.

Fun and Engaging

More than just Python

With support for HTML, micro:bit, CircuitPython, and Raspberry Pi, there's lots in EduBlocks to keep students engaged and learning.

“My students are really engaging with learning and understanding Python in the familiarity of Scratch. This is the resource we have been looking for but hadn't realised until we used it!”

Teacher from Stockport, UK

Resources for Teachers

Six Lessons + Exam

Free Python Curriculum

Covering key topics, our free Python curriculum has everything you need to get started with EduBlocks in your classroom, including an end-of-unit exam.

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Anaconda Certified: Teach Python Programming with EduBlocks

Become a Certified Educator

Enhance your knowledge of EduBlocks and develop strategies that can be incorporated into the classroom to make programming education simple and engaging for young learners.

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