Python 3

A powerful language, now made easier with EduBlocks
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About EduBlocks + Python 3

Learn more about what EduBlocks + Python 3 has to offer.


Text on the blocks

Python code is displayed on the blocks so as you're coding in a familiar block environment, you're learning the Python syntax.


Install free

The Python 3 mode is web based, meaning it's completely install free. All you need is an internet connection to start coding. It's cross-platform too!


Teaches core python

The Python 3 mode covers all the core python syntax/concepts helping you feel more comfortable when coding the real thing.


Turtle Support

Code Python Turtle with EduBlocks on the web. Draw shapes, create cool graphics and more using python code and the turtle library!


Python text view

Create your Python code in the block editor, and with a click, you can switch to a Python text editor. You can also download the .py file too!


Create Graphs

Python is known for it's use within data science. The Python 3 mode has support for PyGal, a python graph creation library allowing you to easily create graphs.

Getting started with EduBlocks + Python 3

Read our getting started guide to learn more about how to get setup and coding with Python 3.


Here are some resources to get you started with EduBlocks and Python 3

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Turtle Spirals

Create a cool spiral graphic using turtle and the Python 3 mode.

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Create a graph

Learn how to create a graph with PyGal, a Python based library for creating graphs.

blog image

Happy Birthday Song

Make Python sing a custom happy birthday song with a name input.